Sleep Hygiene 101: Creating a Sleep-Friendly Environment

If you’re having trouble getting​ the restful sleep that your body needs, you might need to look at​ your sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is the habits‍ that you keep​ during the day ⁤and evening that can make it easier for ⁤you to get good quality sleep‍ at night. By making a few simple changes, you can ‌create a sleep-friendly environment that will lead to better overall health.

Understand Your ⁣Circadian Rhythm

The primary principle ⁢of sleep hygiene is understanding ‍and respecting your circadian rhythm.‌ This is an internal clock that tells your body when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to be awake. If you’re ⁤having trouble getting proper‌ rest ‍each⁣ night,⁣ it could be because you’re not following your ‌natural circadian ​rhythms.

Tune into your body’s “signals” and go to bed about the same time each night. If you find yourself‍ feeling especially sleepy or tired during certain times of day, listen to your​ body and try to sneak in a power nap. ​Allowing yourself to honor your ⁤body’s natural rhythms can provide a significant boost ⁤to your overall energy levels.

Reduce Exposure to ⁤Mayhem

It’s becoming increasingly important to limit your exposure to the chaos of technology right ⁤before ⁢you turn in for the night. All the⁤ time⁤ you spend scrolling through your newsfeeds and streaming your favorite ⁤shows can interfere with your ‍sleep quality. Make a conscious effort to clear all screens from your bedroom an hour before you go to ‍bed.​ This​ will give your mind time to let go of all the excitement⁣ reported by‌ the media, helping you to relax and drift off ⁣to sleep.

Create a Bed for Sleep

We know that television can stimulate too much energy just before bedtime, but actually having a television in your bedroom‍ isn’t great for sleep‍ quality either. Take the time to reserve​ your bedroom for ⁣sleeping and try to make it an inviting⁢ space. Choose comfortable bedding and employ calming‌ light⁢ colors for the walls. A scented candle,‌ diffused essential ⁣oils, or a‍ guided meditation can help give your ‌room a zen ⁢atmosphere.

Choose Wisely ‌During the Day

Throughout the day, you can establish excellent sleep habits ​by avoiding foods and drinks like caffeine, alcohol,‍ and heavy meals in the evening. Exercising several hours before bedtime can be beneficial. If you find that you have difficulty falling asleep, try and limit your napping throughout the day. It’s⁣ also a smart⁤ idea to get some natural sunlight during ​the day, as this can help your body better adjust to ⁣the ⁣nighttime.


By making ​slight adjustments to your habits, you can create a sleep-friendly environment that will send you to Dreamland in no time. If you’re having trouble getting good sleep⁢ quality, try and ⁢identify your natural circadian rhythms and limit your‌ exposure to screens. Design your bedroom to be a cozy sleeping⁤ space, and throughout the day, make sure you’re choosing⁢ healthy foods​ and getting enough sunlight. With these simple tips, you can begin‍ to enjoy better sleep and better health.

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