Fitness enthusiasts everywhere are always searching for new ​ways to enhance their workouts and tracking the progress of their ‍health and fitness​ goals – and ⁢there’s no shortage in the tech gadgets ⁢on the‌ market today to help them do ⁤just that.​ From fitness trackers and smartwatches to ​fitness-themed subscription boxes and muscle stimulators, it can be overwhelming trying⁢ to pick the ⁤perfect workout companion.‍ When it comes to fitness technology, ​it’s important to research the features​ on offer⁤ and​ consider ‍what will best suit your individual needs. To help you out, here are 5 tech gadgets that every fitness guru should get⁢ their hands on:

1.‌ Fitness Tracker – A fitness tracker is the perfect accessory for tracking steps, monitoring heart rate, ‍and counting calories burned‍ throughout the day. Fitness‌ trackers come ⁤in different styles⁢ and sizes, and many even come with GPS so you can track your⁤ running or cycling routes. Smartwatches, such as ‍the Apple Watch, also offer fitness tracking features and can ‍be used‌ to​ monitor your activity throughout⁤ the day.

2.‌ Hidrate Spark ⁢Water Bottle – Drinking enough ‍water is ‌essential for staying ‌hydrated while working out, ‍and​ this is one tech ⁤gadget⁤ that​ encourages users to drink up. The Hidrate Spark Water Bottle is connected to an app which tracks your water intake and glows to remind you when it’s time to grab a drink. You can​ even set goals‌ on the app to stay motivated and​ informed about your hydration levels. ‍

3. Foxtel Now – For ⁤fitness junkies looking to ⁢spice up their ‍exercise routine, Foxtel ⁤Now offers access‍ to a library of ⁤Fitness and⁤ Lifestyle​ channels that ‍are perfect for streaming in the comfort ⁢of your own home. From Yoga, Strength & High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes to beauty, health and wellbeing advice, Foxtel‌ Now caters to⁣ all fitness levels and goals.

4. Muscle Stimulator – Seeking to provide ⁣a more targeted approach to‍ keeping fit, muscle stimulators such as the Compex Edge Performance Muscle Stimulator can provide targeted stimulation to specific areas of the ⁤body. The Compex Edge‌ comes ‌with eight programs that can‍ be adjusted to target ‍different muscles, help reduce muscle fatigue and provide relief from delayed onset muscle soreness.

5. Fitness Subscription Box – Subscription boxes have become more and more popular in 2020,​ and this is no⁣ different‍ when it comes to fitness-related items. ‍From tested ​and ‍curated health and fitness products ⁢delivered to your door on a monthly basis to nutrition advice,‌ recipes and workouts, fitness subscription boxes offer fitness​ enthusiasts the perfect way to stay motivated to reach their ⁤goals.

No matter your⁢ fitness⁣ goals – whether that’s increasing your strength, toning up or losing weight – the right ⁢tech gadgets can go⁣ a⁢ long way in helping you get there. While researching the features and functions of each gadget can help you pick the ​most suitable one ‍for your needs, it’s important to remember that your motivation and⁢ commitment will‍ provide ⁢the⁤ best ⁣results. So get your tech gadgets ​ready and let’s get ready to sweat!

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